20211005 Macrophages

Mitochondrial remodeling during macrophage activation

20211005 Macrophages

Profound metabolic changes occur hand-in-hand with activation of macrophages, innate immune cells responsible for a remarkable breadth of processes such as pathogen elimination, antigen presentation, debris clearance, and wound healing. Our work seeks to define precisely how mitochondrial metabolism directly affects innate immunity, and exactly which features of macrophage activation are controlled by this metabolic reprogramming.

20211005 Metabolic Flex v2 cropped

How metabolic flexibility can control cell physiology

20211005 Metabolic Flex v2

It is now clear that altering flux through specific metabolic pathways, without changing bioenergetic rates per se, can have substantial impacts on physiological and disease processes as varied as oncogenesis, heart failure, immune cell activation, and neuronal excitability. Our work seeks to understand how shifting the nutrient preference away from oxidation of glucose and towards that of amino acids, fatty acids, and ketone bodies can adjust cell and tissue physiology in the context of neurodegeneration and heart failure.

20211005 Assay Dev

Assay development and experimental guides

20211003 Assay Dev

Hand-in-hand with academic work, we also develop new and accessible methods for energy metabolism research. Additionally, we aim to help others design experiments and interpret data with methods-focused roadmaps and perspectives.