What have we missed…Brandon Desousa and Kristen Kim both joined the lab as research associates (2017) and left (2019) to pursue graduate studies at UCSF (Brandon) and Yale (Kristen). Anthony Jones (2018) and Aracely Acevedo (2020) joined the laboratory as Ph.D. students. Both earned a Cota-Robles Scholarship, and Anthony was the recipient of T32 fellowship from the UCLA Tumor Cell Biology Training Grant. Krista Yang joined our group as a laboratory manager (2020) after graduating from UCLA and working with Dr. Cathy Clarke as an undergraduate. Our lab has been fortunate to receive grant support from a sponsored-research agreement with AstraZeneca (2019), pilot awards from the UCLA-UCSD Diabetes Research Center (2020) and the UCLA SPORE in Prostate Cancer (2020), as well as an NIH NIGMS R35 MIRA award (2020).